5 Things To Consider When Hiring Skip Bins

Whether you are replacing your kitchen, landscaping your back yard or maintaining a construction site, you need the right skip bin to handle your waste rubbish removal.

Reputation and Experience

Although you might be able to find a cheaper quote, you may find that it comes at a high price in poor service or incorrect advice. A good company will have been around for a while and should have many satisfied customers. A bad one might even illegally dump your waste damaging the environment and your businesses’ brand.

A good and reputable company can help you answer the rest of the considerations in the form of waste assessments, audits and reports as well as understanding environmental considerations. They will be able to assist you whether your waste is commercial, industrial, green or general rubbish.

Type of Waste

The next thing to think about is what you want to put in your skip bin.

There are different types of skip bins for different purposes. Heavy waste, such as concrete, dirt or bricks will require a specific type of truck.  Hazardous waste requires even more consideration.

Quantity of Rubbish

Now, you need to think about how big of a skip bin you need. Sizes range from 2m3 to 10m3. As it is difficult for many of us to visualize our rubbish in terms of metres cubed, it may suffice to have a list of what will go in. You can then ask someone at your chosen company for advice.


Next, you need to consider your location and the potential skip bin placement. You will want to have your skip bin close to your front door to avoid tiring yourself out (or injuring yourself) with repeated trips to the bin. Whether you are on a level or sloped surface makes a difference. A good company can handle your steep driveway, if they know about it in advance.

Are you on a narrow street or will the logical placement of your skip bin cause an obstruction to traffic or pathways? Additionally, some council have restrictions which can make placement of a skip bin difficult.

Difficult access does not have to be a serious issue when you hire a good skip bin hire company. Even if you are renovating a high-rise flat, your company will have a solution for you.


Make sure you have a fair idea of how long your job is going to take. You can save money by having it all done quickly.

After you have hired your skip bin, you need to stay on task so that you are ready when it gets there. Specifically, you need to make sure there is parking available at the appointed time of hire. Have someone ready to meet and direct the driver, as need be, to where you wish your skip bin to be located.

No matter what you need your skip bin for, having the answers to these considerations at hand when you ring will help make the process of hiring a skip bin easy and pain-free. Let someone else handle all the rubbish you don’t want to do yourself!