7 Rubbish Removal Tips for Event Management

The greatest legacy of large public events is often the amount of rubbish left behind! This downside often hits the headlines and negatively affects public opinion regarding hosting future events. Having the right rubbish removal company handling the waste for your event can make a huge difference!

Most councils are not really set up to handle your event needs, so you will need a specialist. There are many things which must be considered when organising rubbish removal for your event. Make sure your selected company has all these things going for them.

Experience and reliability

Your rubbish removal company must have the capability and experience of handling large volumes of waste. They will also know about government regulations with which they must comply. They will have a long-standing record of reliability with many happy customers singing their praises. It is impossible to make up for lack of experience, so ask other large-event organisers for recommendations.


There is a lot of paperwork that goes into large-event waste management. The company must have all the correct certificates, licenses and insurance. They will perform risk assessments before your event, be able to do environmental analyses for your event and perform all the necessary reports afterwards. Your rubbish removal company knows all the paperwork required and will leave you to enjoy other aspects of organising your event.


Your rubbish removal company will handle all the details. They will hire the most appropriate units for your job, including things you might not have thought of, such as hazardous waste bins. They will already have all the vehicles necessary for operation including both large vehicles for delivery/collection and small vehicles for event maintenance. Staffing is usually the responsibility of the event organiser; they will have well-trained staff members able to keep things ship-shape so that you can work on enjoying your event.

Upkeep and maintenance

During your large event, you should not need to be concerned about keeping it clean. Strategically placing bins around the area will encourage the patronage to do the right thing and provide a central location for the rubbish collection team (if you have hired people to do so) to dump the rubbish and keep your event looking classy – not like a dump.

Green compliance

It is more important than ever to encourage your event to be “green.” Your rubbish removal company should provide separate bins for various kinds of recycling. You can further help by encouraging your stall-holders use biodegradable disposables, recyclables or re-usable cups and plates.  In one study, people were agreeable to using these alternatives in order to reduce waste. Make sure your rubbish removal company is keeping waste out of landfills by using standard recycling and composting strategies.

Trade and catering waste services

Your stall-holders have unique waste needs which your rubbish removal company will understand. Dedicated refuse and recycling units make it easy and convenient for your stall-holders to operate and comply with event waste standards. Ask your company how they meet this need.

Engage the consumer

A good rubbish removal company knows how to encourage people to help keep the event clean. By providing attractive and well-signed waste stations, people will often sort their own rubbish. In the previously-mentioned study, people were very much in favour of assisting the waste management of festivals in this manner. This can go a long ways towards keeping your event looking clean and professional.

Large public events come with their their unique waste headaches, but employing a reputable rubbish removal company to keep your event clean will go a long ways to making sure your event’s legacy is one of success.