$900 rebated back to the builder for creating a marketable environmental point of difference.


After securing the tendered works for the Tamala Park Regional Council’s land development with the Satterley Property Group, Instant Waste Management has had resounding success on the Catalina Estate with an industry trend setting initiative of a “single bin recycling system” with our off site separation of waste into viable recyclables.

Our recycling rates (diversion away from Landfill) are currently above Ninety%*. By helping our customers with educational presentations we have saved them the increased cost of the more expensive landfill site run by the local government nearby the land development of approx. 2600 homes built over the next ten years.

This has resulted in a $900 “Rebate” being paid back to the various building companies on each house lot for recycling the construction waste at our Material Recovery Facility in Bayswater.

See Satterley’s website for more information on the Catalina Estate project. If you’re a builder interested in how this system works please contact Instant Waste and we can send you some process information on the project and how you can get the recycling rebate.

Watch the TV short film “West Real Estate” with interviews with the Director of the HIA and Instant Waste Management. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Check out the UDIA Case Study of the Catalina Estate here.

*At the time of this media release.