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ResizedImage400225 Earth Hour 2020

Earth Hour 2020: Switch Off & Join the Movement

Spreading the Word About Climate Change Global warming is undoubtedly happening. And the environmental impact is becoming ever-more devastating. This Summer, Australia experienced unprecedented bush fires. Over 12 million hectares of land burnt, causing over 1.25 billion animals to perish. The land was devastated. Weather patterns are becoming more...

Carbon Footprint Stretched

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 2020: 20 Easy Tips

With the recent media surge around pollution and climate change, people are becoming more environmentally-aware – and making conscious decisions in their daily lives to help reduce their carbon footprint. In 2020, ‘being environmentally-friendly’ is a strong contender in the top ten New Year’s resolutions list. Whether you’re looking...

IWM Christmas Decorations for a Low Stress Christmas

Tips for a Low-Stress Christmas

View Post In an idyllic, Sinatra-inspired world, we’d all be floating around in a bauble of joy, feeling totally relaxed, during the build-up to Christmas. But as much as we might love Christmas, studies show it is the most stressful time of year. With presents to buy, food to...

IWM Save Money

Summer Skip Special

SAVE on your skip hire this Summer!    Simply call us today on 9379 2111 and ask for the ‘Summer Special’ price.   Save on skip hire pricing PLUS get 7 days for the price of 4 (if required) YOU CHOOSE your skip hire period Did you know we sometimes offer...

ResizedImage300239 The Right Time is Now

Skip It In An Instant!

Why wait for a skip bin? Skip it in an Instant… in an Instant Skip Bin!   Skip it in an Instant…. Skip it in an Instant…. Skip it in an Instant…. in an Instant Skip Bin.   Why book and then wait as long as 15 days for...

IWM Full Skip Bin

10 of the Weirdest Things Found in Skip Bins from Around the World

Operating for over 25 years with 10,000 skip bins in circulation, we have seen our fair share of weird and wonderful things left in skip bins. Ever wondered what the most bizarre items to have been found in skip bins are? We’ve compiled a list of the most extraordinary...

IWM Jake Hickey Green Building Day May 2019 1

IWM Supports Green Building Day

Green Building Day returned to Perth this week. The event was a huge success, with a jam-packed agenda exploring the collective action we need to take in order to achieve our sustainability targets. The day provided a great opportunity for Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) members, sustainability leaders...

IWM Save Money

Winter Skip Special – SAVE TODAY!

SAVE on your skip hire this Winter! Simply call us today on 9379 2111 and ask for the ‘Winter Special’ price.   Save on skip hire pricing PLUS get 7 days for the price of 4 (if required) Until 31st August YOU CHOOSE your skip hire period *Pricing listed...

IWM New Years Resolution Make It Happen Landscape

The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions – And How to Achieve Them

~ 5 minute read – Each year, millions of us make New Year’s resolutions. We start the year full of motivation, but come 1st February, we have lost our mojo. Statistics show that 78% of us fail our new year’s resolutions. By setting realistic objectives and following key tips to...

Christmas Tree

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is usually a flurry of wrapping paper, cards, plastic packaging and consumerism. And traipsing around countless shops, jostling with the throngs of over- zealous shoppers in panic mode can be exhausting – leaving you frazzled, fed up and anything but festive! We typically spend 60% more of our...