Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Christmas.

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to start thinking about the presents for your loved ones. Instant Waste Management has compiled a list of eco-friendly gift ideas you can make or purchase for the environmentally conscious family and friends. Sustainable gifts are a great idea to help promote an eco-friendly future while also being a thoughtful and sentimental gift.

1. Pot Plants


Plants make a great Christmas gift as they symbolise new beginnings and better health. They are also a sign that you trust them, and that they have a nurturing nature. Potted plants not only enhance the overall appearance of a space, but they they’ve been shown to boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants. Pot plants can be purchased or handcrafted and are simple and inexpensive to make. There are plenty of DIY ideas online, see below pot plants our Instant Staff created.

2. Reusable Products

water bottle 5

Using reusable items reduce the amount of waste accumulated in our community significantly and saves our valuable resources from being wasted. Reusable products have become popular to purchase and are easy to find in stores or online. There are many environmentally friendly items that can be gifted including reusable coffee cups, water bottles, bags, and homeware.

3. Repurposing Recycled Materials

Picture3 1

Fabrics and materials that are no longer needed can be reused to create handmade Christmas gifts for your loved ones. If you are a creative person, this may be the perfect gift idea for you to show case your creativity by making a unique gift for your family and friends. Recycled materials can be reproposed into canvas for paintings, blankets, pillowcases, and tablecloths. By taking someone’s old worn-out favourite shirt and turning it into a canvas or a pillowcase makes it a thoughtful and special gift. Below we’ve provided some ideas that you can make yourself!

4. Jewellery Making

Recycled metals, gems, shells, and other materials can be used to create eco-friendly jewellery to gift that special someone for Christmas. There are many DIY ideas on Google, YouTube, and Pinterest. Alternatively, you can book yourself in for a jewellery making class!

5. Photo Frames


Recycled cardboard, paper, wood, timber, bottle lids, letters, toys and other materials can be used to make photo frames for loved ones. DIY ideas can be found on Google, YouTube, and interest.

6. Candle Making


Soy and coconut wax are the most sustainable forms for wax that can be used to create homemade candles. Candles can be created using empty glass jars, tins and old candle jars you may have. There are minimal resources required to make eco-friendly candles and are often inexpensive. DIY’s can be found on the internet and are simple to follow. Add a unique touch to your candle by adding recycled gems and crystals on top.

7. Vegetable/ Garden Kit

Garden kits such as vegetable and fruit seeds, planter boxes, flowers and utensils can make a pleasing Christmas gift. Gardening can be an enjoyable experience and is a great way to give back to our environment.

8. Mosaics


Recycled and left-over glass and tiles can be repurposed to create beautiful mosaics to gift as Christmas gifts. Minimal resources are needed to create mosaics, making them a inexpensive and sustainable gift.

9. Mindful Gift Wrapping


Natural resources are wasted when we use wrapping paper, ribbon, cards, and tags that are store bought. It is easy and sustainable to change to recycled wrapping, these look just as pleasing and contributes to a cleaner and greener environment. By using items such as recycled paper, ropes, baskets, cardboard boxes, jars, and reusable fabrics you are helping our environment and adding a special touch to your gifts.