Get your backyard ready for BBQ Season

It’s hard to believe it but we are already well into December, which means we have officially crossed the threshold into Perth summer!

It also means that your garden is about to get a whole lot busier, with Christmas Day and Australia Day family BBQs being a staple of the family social calendar, not to mention almost every weekend with the neighbours!

So make sure your garden is ready for BBQ season with these great tips!


photo of pretty green garden with green lawn

For a successful summer BBQ, incorporating a child-friendly play area gives the kids a fun and safe place to play, and the adults peace of mind to enjoy themselves! After winter it’s time to clear out messy or dangerous sections of your landscape – cut down stray branches, pull prickly weeds, make sure any flowers or plants in the area don’t cause rashes and aren’t highly toxic should a curious child taste a leaf or flower.

Also, there is no greater killer of a summer BBQ than a dreaded mosquito infestation. You can keep them away from your backyard by planting a range of plants that are natural mosquito repellents like lavender, rosemary, basil and geraniums, as well as lighting citronella candles around your deck.

Landscaping is an essential part of getting your property ready for summer, but loading up trailers or disposing of all the waste materials and unwanted items can turn a small job into a headache. Hiring a skip for the weekend makes things much easier, and we accept green waste in our skips.

Pool Cleaning

pool cleaning equipment next to swimming poolThere is nothing more pleasing on a hot summer’s day than having a dip in the cool waters of a pool, especially at a BBQ. Aside from the usual pool maintenance, such as checking chemical levels and pool cleaning, look at the lounge options around the pool.

Is the furniture worn or dated? Is the pool area free of items that guests could trip over or cause injury? Throw worn out or broken items into the skip.


underside view of a shade umbrella

In the Perth heat there’s nothing more important to have in the backyard than adequate shade. Sails, umbrellas and gazebos protect you and your family from harmful ultra-violet rays.

If you haven’t extended your shade sails or umbrellas in a while, open them up to clear out any spiders or cockroaches that may have made their home in there over the winter.


Child sitting on wooden deck

Cleaning your deck shouldn’t be too difficult; a garden hose with wood-friendly soap and water will work, or a pressure washer will help you tackle a more difficult job. Add some fun and sparkly with fairy lights, tiki torches and lanterns.

Don’t forget to check that your decking is free from exposed nails and splinters and the timber isn’t rotting. If your deck is in a bad state it may be best to renovate – luckily you’ll have the skip on hand to clear up any old boards and renovation waste!

Hire a skip for the weekend

Skip bin out the front of a house

When you take into account trailer hire and the fuel consumption of repeated trips to the landfill, plus the time and effort wasted when you could be getting the BBQ lit, hiring a skip saves both time and money!

To save yourself having to make repeated trips to the landfill as you clear your garden, get organised and hire a skip – we’re offering discounted rates in many suburbs across Perth this summer.

Check out our quick skip order area to get a cost for your area and make an order online!