National GreenSmart Awards – IWM brings winners together

HIA GreenSmart Awards are held in each state & nationally each year.

It is with great pride that Instant Waste Management was acknowledged for all the hard work we have been doing in our educational & recycling initiatives with our customers & members of the public.  See attached media release on the GreenSmart awards & the HIA website for more detail.

Jake Hickey from Instant Waste Management won the National Green Smart Professional award in 2014. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the National award winners along with our Western Australian customers who won National GreenSmart awards for:

2014 GreenSmart Townhouse / Villa development = Right Homes for their work on the GreenSwing project.

2014 GreenSmart Water Efficiency = Highbury Homes for their work with Josh Byrne & Associates which was designed by Griff Morris of Solar Dwellings.

The national award finalists who were also our clients for the “Renovation / Addition project category” = Quattro Homes

Pictured below: Jake (IWM) , Griff Morris (Solar Passive Design), Heather & Jim (Highbury Homes),  Anna Wright (Right Homes) & John (HIA – WA Director)

full shot greensmart national award winners Jake Griff Heather Jim Anna John

Earlier in the year at the Western Australian GreenSmart awards Instant Waste’s customers won 11 out of the 12 WA award categories which goes to show that the well marketed environmental point of difference is growing in demand from the more desiring house owner.

Right Homes won the top award “WA GreenSmart Home of the Year” among their other award categories, of note was the “Resource Efficiency”  award for their recycling on the GreenSwing project.

The Homebuyers Centre was also acknowledged as WA finalists for the “Catalina Estate recycling campaign”

Econstruct won the “WA Custom Build Home of the Year”.

Highbury won the “WA Water Efficiency” award

Quattro Homes  won the “Renovation / Addition project category”

For more industry news & a summary of the other Australian Institute of Builders winners for recycling: the Georgiou Group;  the recent MBA recycling award winners: PACT Construction & Homebuyers Centre just visit our news page