How to treat stormwater problems for businesses

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is generated from rainfall with contaminants (e.g., Soil, leaves, oils, etc.) captured as the water travels in a path towards the containment location (e.g., drain, soak well etc.).

Why is stormwater a problem for businesses:

Stormwater (and more specifically the debris associated with stormwater) can lead to blockages that can in turn lead to flooding that can have severe impacts on a business.

What are some early warning signs of possible stormwater problems?

Examples of early warning signs of possible stormwater problems could include:

  • Weather forecast of heavy rain (especially if the business has had stormwater problems in the past).
  • Visible blockages on grates (drains).
  • Backed up or overflowing gutters.
  • Gargling noises in drains; and
  • Foul odors around drains and pipes.

How businesses can prevent or minimise stormwater problems:

Liquid Waste Management 1

Depending on the severity of blockage, you may be able to address the problem by clearing the blockage manually (e.g., lifting the grate on a drain, digging out the excess soil and disposing of the soil in an environmentally appropriate manner).

Alternatively, the problem may be too big to handle yourself especially if the location of the blockage contains oils and other contaminants that require disposal at a properly licensed disposal site.

We at Instant Waste Management have the equipment to address stormwater problems for business.

Final Tip:

Now is the best time to undertake some preventative maintenance on your drains and containment units especially if you have encountered problems in the past.

If you wait until your drain is flooded, it is likely to have a much more costly impact on your business (e.g., downtime, fleet availability etc.) than taking pre-heavy rainfall maintenance.

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