Instant Waste Management Support Recent Charity Project with Niche Living for Local Family

Recently the team at Instant Waste Managed supported a local family along with our valued client, Niche Living, for a successful charity project. The focus of the mission was to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility and ongoing support for all our clients, complete with a strong dedication to help those in need. Joining forces with Niche Living, we assisted a local family in effective rubbish removal and management for the renovation of their home.

Instant Waste Management supplied skip bins to the family home and helped to manage the waste removal as part of the charity project in Baldivis. The local family are a large family of 10 and were gifted a modular pod by Niche Living, which extended their family home to create more living space – a dream they didn’t think was possible, let alone be able to afford.

The family in question are Vaughan and Kim Tucci who had three children and then gave birth to quintuplets, resulting in a dire (and quick) need for additional space. The donated modular pod was built off-site and then planted onto the roof of the family’s current home via a crane, to deliver a life-changing renovation that offered the family exactly what they needed.

In addition to supplying the bins, Instant Waste Management attended the site to get their hands dirty and ensure the removal of the rubbish was coordinated effectively. By doing so, the safety of the rubbish removal was guaranteed, the time and hassle of the family doing it themselves was eliminated and we can confirm all rubbish was disposed of in compliance with strict safety and recycling regulations.

Niche Living Tucci Charity Project 2

Thanks to the team at Niche Living including the General Manager Damian, Paul the Project Construction Manager and the Procurement Manager Mark, who was also the Project Manager for this amazing project, we were able to successfully help a local family to achieve their dream.

At Instant Waste Management, we strive to work with clients, local businesses and trades people to deliver life-changing results to WA families and people in need. We take pride in corporate social responsibilities and giving back to the community, and are always eager to go above and beyond to help. We also highly value our clients and are committed to delivering the best results for them, thus, it’s been an absolute pleasure working on this project with Niche Living and we thank them for their support.

Instant Waste Management have a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bayswater which plays an imperative role in reducing landfill. It’s at this facility where we’re able to maximise the value of recycled materials recovered from projects such as the Niche Living venture. As the need for green living and effective waste removal increases, MRF acts as an increasingly important component of the diversion of Construction and Demolition (C&D). Each year, we process over 200,000 tonnes of C&D waste to boost WA’s environmental credentials.

Our team are dedicated to raising awareness in the community about the importance of reducing landfill waste. This division process is one that’s key to improving the state’s waste recovery performance and contributing to waste reduction targets over the next 10 years. Sustainable waste management and our commitment to projects which benefit the environment and provide real-life value is something we work hard towards at Instant Waste Management.

With our industry expertise, latest technology and operational techniques, our team have created a cost-effective, environmentally beneficial waste management solution. We endeavour to keep this up and continue in setting the highest of standards for effective waste management, and work with our clients and the community to support those in need.

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