Instant Waste Management’s Rear Lift Bin Service


What is a rear lift bin?

Instant Waste Management’s rear lift bins are made from a hard plastic material called polyethylene making them light weight and mobile. This allows them to be moved and transported easily. The bins come fitted with wheels and can also be fitted with a padlock and chain for security.

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Rear Lift Bin Sizes:

Instant Waste Management offers three standard bin sizes.


Colour Coding and Signage:

Instant Waste Management use Australian Standard coloured lids and signage on our bins. Having easy to understand signage and colouring assists in ensuring your different waste streams are placed in the right bin. This increases our environmental resource recovery rates, reduces costs, and promotes sustainability.


What type of waste is collected from a rear lift bin?

Instant Waste Management provides the following waste collection services with commercial waste bins:

  • General Waste
  • Commingled – mixed recycling
  • Paper and Cardboard – including confidential paper

Why choose a rear lift bin?

These bins are suitable for commercial businesses in the following circumstances:

  • Small sites, and/or;
  • Restricted access, and/or;
  • Small to medium volume of waste, and/or;
  • Where there is a need to minimise noticeable odour, and/or;
  • On site staff having limited physical strength to move bins, and/or;
  • The need to move the bin indoors if needed.

For more information or to book a free consultation for rear lift bins visit our Rear Lift Bins page.