IWM Client Achieves 96% Recycling Rate

Catalina Estate IWM Client Achieves 96 Recycling Rate Onsite Article Nov 2017


Instant Waste Management are pleased to spread the news that a valued client of ours has achieved an outstanding 96% recycling rate for a land development project in Perth’s Northern suburbs.

The Catalina estate is a huge 180-hectare urban development in Clarkson and Mindarie, which will comprise around 2,500 lots upon completion of the entire development project. The estate is owned and project managed by Satterley Property Group, one of Australia’s leading land developers.

In 2013, the Tamala Park Regional Council (which incorporates the cities of Perth, Joondalup, Wanneroo, Stirling and Vincent and the towns of Cambridge and Victoria Park) initiated the Catalina Waste Management Programme to encourage recycling and help to reduce landfill. The objective was to achieve sustainable land development here in WA.

As the estate developers, Satterley Property Group worked closely with the Tamala Park Regional Council to execute the programme over a 4-year period. As a result, the Catalina estate attained environmental accreditation for effective waste management and recycling.

The movement was the first of its kind in WA and resulted in over 3,800 tonnes of construction waste being recycled, which is a marvellous accomplishment. The waste comprised a variety of materials, including heavy construction rubble, such as concrete and bricks, which were recycled into road-base; metal and sand which were repurposed for reinforcing concrete slabs; as well as wood and lighter materials, including paper and cardboard.

Nigel Satterley, Chief Executive of Satterley Property Group, said the project has “become a market leader in recycling construction waste generated from large development projects.”

Instant Waste Management supplied a full waste management service throughout the project. We delivered the waste bins, or skips, and provided a regular removal service. We transported the waste to our Material Recovery Facility in Bayswater, where it underwent a meticulous sorting process in order to recover any materials which could be recycled.

Home builders who support the initiative are entitled to a reimbursement of up to $900 per lot. Building companies who have backed the programme to date include Celebration Homes, Aveling Homes, Content Living and Homebuyers Centre – all of whom have been awarded the MBA Residential Waste Excellence accolade for their involvement.

On a per capita basis, WA produces the most waste (of which 3.4 million tonnes is building and construction waste) and recycles the least in Australia. The success of the Catalina project and the ongoing public education around the importance of reducing landfill will hopefully encourage other land developers, builders and councils to follow suit.

Not only does recycling have a hugely positive impact on the environment, but since the introduction of the landfill state levy, it is actually more cost-effective to recycle than it is to dump waste to landfill. 

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