Instant Waste Management Helps Frasers Property Achieve WA’s First 6 Star Green Star Rating

6 Star Green Star GBCA

Owners and developers of commercial property in Perth will know of the struggle to keep tenants in their properties as the market tightens, demand lowers and competition for tenants increases.

Office buildings that have Green Star ratings tend to have lower vacancy rates as tenants are aware their bills will be greatly reduced with better environmental ratings.

Did you know, however, that it’s not just energy efficiency and insulation that can improve your green star rating? In fact, 95% of all green star rated buildings across the country have obtained their ratings using the waste & recycling reports under their accreditation criteria?

This is certainly true for Frasers Property Australia, who recently achieved WA’s first ever 6 Star Green Star Interiors v1 rating, with the help of Instant Waste Management’s waste management services. Through their head contractor, Built, Frasers engaged Instant Waste Management to maximise the recycling of waste and minimise land fill quantities.

According to Oskar Kadala, Program and Business Projects Manager at Frasers Property, “We identified the management and recycling of waste as an area that would deliver significant sustainability outcomes. The end results surpassed our expectations.”

What does a Six Star Green Star building project look like?

Frasers Six Star Green Star Property

Frasers Property Australia, who have long been focused on leading in sustainability, has made a national commitment to achieving a Green Star rating on every new project, and for their new Perth office fitout managed to achieve a 6 Star Green Star Rating.

While there were many elements to the sustainable build – including sit to stand workstations and an electric vehicle charging station – it was the innovative waste management that earned them their first Green Star – Interiors waste innovation points. The carefully planned waste management strategy enabled Frasers to achieve only 0.35 kg per m2 of construction and demolition waste sent to landfill during the fit out! With a build of this size (900m2), over three tonnes of waste could have been sent to landfill and still enabled Frasers to achieve a lesser Green Star rating, but with innovative waste planning only half a tonne of waste ended up in landfill (less than one sixth of the allowed amount).

How did we do it?

IWM Waste Recovery and Recycling Centre

Instant Waste Management created a sustainable and cost friendly construction waste management plan and unique waste collection and recycling system for the project, which was then communicated effectively to the onsite team of subcontractors, ensuring they understood the importance of landfill waste minimisation.

There were a small number of comingled recycling bins in place at the project, which were only collected when full and taken to the Instant Waste Management waste recycling facility. There the waste was sorted and recyclable waste diverted to create aggregate, road base and fill sand to be reused in other sustainable construction projects. In the end, more than 95% of waste could be recycled, and limiting collection to when bins were full limited the journeys to and from the waste facility.

Read the full case study for Frasers Property Perth here.

If you’d like to visit this WA leading sustainable building and find out more, join our site tour on 25 August 2016. Find out more about the GBCA Frasers Property site tour here.

This plan and waste collection system can now be used on future refurbishment projects in Perth to help more local business achieve high Green Star ratings.

How can you achieve a higher Green Star Rating?

Contact Instant Waste Management for a waste audit and review of your current office waste streams. We can help you to improve waste disposal and recycling efficiency and sustainability.

Particularly of importance is to get in touch with us regarding any planned construction works in the future, as we can help you run a similar construction waste management plan as the one that helped Frasers Property achieve a Six Star Green Star rating.

City Switch

What’s more, as part of our member to member deal with City Switch Green Office, if you enter in to a three-year contract with Instant Waste Management to manage and remove your operational waste, you will be eligible for a $1,000 (inclusive of GST) discount.

When requesting a fee proposal for a Waste Management Plan, contact Jake for details of how to claim the $1,000 (inclusive of GST) discount – or 0458 458 770. Find out more information about the terms and conditions at the City Switch website.