Get Involved in Green Building Day 2016 on June 23rd

Green Building Day 2016

Instant Waste Management is proudly sponsoring this year’s Green Building Day, in association with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

Green Building Day takes place on 23 June 2016, with an event at Curtin University bringing together the industry’s leading innovators and thinkers to discuss ‘the 2 degree world’ and how we can slow global warming.

The program of events includes nine sessions discussing a range of topics – from the Paris Agreement and how that impacts the building industry, to the industry’s role in creating a 2 degree world, the latest Green Star updates and so much more.

Experts from Instant Waste Management will be speaking in a panel of experts at the event and presenting on the Green House Gas Savings from recycling or recovering energy from waste.

You can view the full Green Building Day program here.

How is Instant Waste Management assisting sustainable building methods?

With the high level of construction projects ongoing throughout WA, and the tonnes of waste metal, timber and rubble produced, it’s so important for building contractors and facilities management companies to choose carefully when it comes to disposal of this waste.

Instant Waste Management has always been a firm supporter of sustainable building efforts in Western Australia. We are continually striving to divert 80-90% of the waste we collect from construction and demolition sites from landfill. Instead we take the C&D waste to our waste recovery plant in Bayswater, where we separate the waste and recycle it as road base, fill sand and aggregate for pipe beds and other construction uses, which can be purchased through our sister company Resource Recovery Solutions.

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