Practical Advantages of Bin Hire for Businesses

These days, practical waste management solutions are essential for safer working environments. More companies are pushing for proper waste disposal to reduce toxic risks on commercial sites and offer a positive change into the future. Waste disposal has definitely boomed in the industry, evolving into a process that is so much more than just removing waste.

It’s no secret how beneficial recycling is with ‘green’ practices moving their way into the forefront of everyone’s minds. As waste disposal solutions advance, they’ve become an extremely cost-effective and valuable means of filtering toxic chemicals, substantial money savings and helping to boost the economy. We uncover some more advantages of safe waste disposal for businesses and why your job site should consider bin hire.

1. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – Environmental Benefits

As more people become conscious of how their waste management strategies are impacting the environment around them, decisions have become more responsible.  The benefits of recycling and managing waste not only help in preventing illegal rubbish dumps that are extremely detrimental to the environment, but it encourages workers to be more conscious of the effects too.

Illegal disposal of waste and rubbish dumping result in a release of harmful toxic chemicals into the environment. This is because waste products that contain certain chemicals should not be mixed with other components that cause these toxic substances to emit into the air. By encouraging the use of skip bins on work sites, you know you’re leaving it to the professionals to get rid of the waste safely and avoid compromising the health of the environment and workers too.

2. The Landfill Levy Advantage

Last year we posted an article about the new changes in the Landfill Levy and how it encourages skips on site. With increases to the landfill levy now in place due to the Western Australia Government’s budget changes, builders throughout Australia are now eligible for savings – just by recycling and disposing of waste correctly.

These savings are significant. Not only do they cut down costs though for building companies though, but they also promote a more ethical waste management practice that’s becoming adapted by many. By giving the West Australian building industry an opportunity to change unethical recycling habits, less waste will be distributed to landfill, costs will be cut with builder’s receiving less fines for illegal dumping and a healthier environment will be promoted.

3. More Business Space to Operate

Besides the savings and environmental benefits of bin hire, providing more space on sites is one of the biggest advantages skip bins can offer. Job sites get messy, and having a practical way to filter through the construction mess is not only an essential safety measure, but it gives workers adequate space to do their jobs properly.

By providing work sites with a skip bin, waste can be cleared in a timely way to ensure there is enough business space to operate effectively. Waste clearing ensures the business runs smoothly and can also help to deter away from unhygienic practices – especially in the hospitality industry. The right skip bin for your job site can promote a clean and highly effective business, regardless of the amount of waste produced.

4. Becoming a ‘Green’ Business

As people do become more environmentally conscious, ‘green’ businesses are naturally shown in a much more positive light. When it comes to doing business, companies that hold the green name are subjected to brand strengthening – and this can work wonders when promoting a company or job site.

People that understand the benefits of going green tend to prefer dealing directly with companies that offer the same mindset. By using waste management solutions that are ethical and environmentally conscious, you’re viewed in the eyes of the public as a business that’s green.

5. Leaving it to the Professionals

Site workers usually have enough to worry about than having to add waste management onto the list too. The process of collecting waste requires people to be familiar with the resource cycles and how certain waste chemicals mix with each other. It’s a process that’s technical and extensive, with specific rules and regulations that need to be abided by – thus, leaving it to the professionals can definitely be a better option for most sites.

Waste management doesn’t have to be confusing though, nor does it need to be complicated for businesses. Ensuring your work site has the right skip bin can save a lot of stress and encourage a beneficial service for everyone involved. For more information about what skip bin you should be using, contact us today!