Spring Cleaning Checklist & Printout

Top Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

Spring clean kitchen

Spring is upon us, and we all know what that means: it’s time for spring cleaning! Cleaning the whole house at once might seem like a daunting task, but separating your chores by room can help you tackle the whole house before the hot summer weather arrives and all of a sudden it’s Christmas! Our checklist will also help you delegate tasks to the whole family!

Preparation and Universal Cleaning

There are a few things that can help you prepare for cleaning the whole house, because some things will need to be done in more than one room: dusting, cleaning windows and floors, and clearing out excess stuff. These chores should be done in every room in the house.

Dusting & Vacuuming

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is ready to go: check the filter, clean out the old bag or dust compartment, and remove dust and hair from the brushes and accessories.

Windows & Mirrors

Cleaning the insides of windows and mirrors can be done with a vinegar based solution and a soft cloth. For outside of your home, look into hiring a professional or purchasing a water and pressure based cleanser that you can use with your hose and no ladder.

Floors & Carpets

Depending on your flooring materials, you may need different kinds of cleansers: wax, a carpet shampoo, polish, etc. Look into the type of materials you’ll need, and make sure to clean floors last.

Trash & Junk Clear-out

One of the best things to do in the spring is to get rid of the old and excessive – clutter, knick-knacks, old clothes, old furniture, old things that no longer serve a purpose. Hire a skip to dispose of and recycle unwanted items and help keep your neighbourhood clean. When choosing a provider make sure to choose a green one (like us!) that has a materials recovery plant where they take your waste to recycle anything they can before taking what’s left to the landfill.

We offer short-term small-medium skip bin hire for home clear-outs like this – grab one for the weekend or a week to give you some extra time! Find out more here.

Going the Extra Mile for Spring Cleaning

For that extra spring-cleaning mile we’ve made a room by room checklist of additional items to be cleaned or spruced up, as well as things in the room that you might want to throw in the skip or give to goodwill. We’ve also left some extra space for you to print out the checklist and add anything else that might be relevant to your home.


In addition to regular upkeep, spring is the time to take care of big bedroom tasks.

Additional Cleaning / Sprucing Up


Throw in the Skip / Recycle / Goodwill


Flip the mattress


Old books and magazines


Change out heavy doonas for lightweight linens and blankets


Knick-knacks / Clutter on beside locker or dresser


Clean or replace pillows; most can be machine washed


Clothing you no longer wear


Empty, wipe and air out drawers


Old linens


Empty, wipe and air out cupboards and robes


Old furniture
















Bathrooms can be one of the messiest rooms in the house.

Additional Cleaning / Sprucing Up


Throw in the Skip / Recycle / Goodwill


Change out old brushes and sponges used for cleaning


Old, dirty and broken cosmetics


Tidy and update your first aid kit – replace expired medicines


Used/nearly empty shampoo bottles


Clean makeup and hair brushes


Ratty towels or washcloths


Empty, wipe and air out cupboards and drawers


Expired products


Clean or replace your shower curtain




Soak toothbrush holder and soap holder in antibacterial solution




Clean hard to reach places – behind the toilet, the vents etc.


















Most of the kitchen cleaning tasks have to do with big appliances that collect dirt in tiny nooks and crannies.

Additional Cleaning / Sprucing Up


Throw in the Skip / Recycle / Goodwill


Defrost your freezer and wipe it out


Tupperware containers with no matching lid


Remove food from the refrigerator; get rid of anything expired or old condiments


Appliances that you no longer use


Clean the refrigerator inside and out. Remove and clean shelves and drawers and the coils


Ratty towels


Empty, wipe and air out cupboards and drawers


Expired food


Wipe the front of cupboards and kickboards


Broken utensils


Clean furniture in the seating area or dining room, including the bottoms of the legs


Chipped crockery


Degrease and clean the oven and stove until grates are spotlessly silver


Stained teaspoons


Clean the vent above the cooker

















Living Room/Common Areas

These areas are used almost daily, and tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust.

Additional Cleaning / Sprucing Up


Throw in the Skip / Recycle / Goodwill


Vacuum and steam clean sofas and chairs


Old books


Removable furniture covers should be removed and laundered


Old magazines, newspapers or TV Guides


Launder blankets, cushions and throws


Unused or outdated furniture


Dust and organise electric wires


Old or outdated décor and ornaments


Wipe remote controls


Un-cleanable pillows or blankets















Laundry Room

The laundry room is often overlooked throughout the year, and may need a lot of work.

Additional Cleaning / Sprucing Up


Throw in the Skip / Recycle / Goodwill


Clean the laundry sink and faucet


Anything that has been collected in your laundry room


Use washing machine cleaner to clean out the washer


Old bottles of detergent or dryer sheets


Vacuum the lint out of the lint collector in the dryer


Broken laundry baskets