What is your waste recycled into?

Instant Waste Management extracts resources from skip bins collected throughout the Perth Metropolitan area with a view to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill. This blog focuses on new products we make available for direct reintroduction into the West Australian economy. The main resources reintroduced back into our closed looped economy include:

  1. Recycled Road Base
  2. Recycled Aggregate Rock
  3. Recycled Fill Sand
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1. Recycled Road Bade

Instant Waste Management’s Material Recovery Facility crushes concrete and demolition waste turning it into recycled road base. This allows us to eliminate or reduce the use of basic raw materials.

2. Recycled Aggregate Rock

Our recycled aggregate is a high-quality product and has a wide range of applications such as bedding material for underground piping, drainage for soak wells, backfill for retaining walls. Recycled aggregate is a cost-effective alternative for limestone and blue metal.

3. Recycled Fill Sand

By recycling fill sand at our licensed Material Recovery Facility, we are reducing our need to clear more natural flora and fauna to extract the limited supply of virgin sand in our state. Recycled fill sand typically is used as a deep fill under concrete slabs and as backfill for around tanks or under paving.

Why choose Instant Waste Management?

Instant Waste Management is leading the way and showing the importance of waste sustainability for current and future generations. Through a progressive and innovative recycling and resource management operation, we are achieving higher diversion rates away from landfill to help our state improve its environmental credentials. To book a skip bin call us on 9379 2111 or order now.

How To Order Recycled Raw Materials

If you’re interested in ordering our recycled raw materials call 0457 815 427 or visit Product Recovery Industries.