World Green Building Week 2016: Change Your Perspective

World Green Building Week Perth 2016

A big event in the Instant Waste Management calendar is coming up at the end of this month: World Green Building Week, from Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October.

At Instant Waste Management we are always striving to push the boundaries when it comes to making Perth’s construction processes more sustainable in the areas we can help – namely waste management. We work with the top developers, builders and architects in the industry to find ways to reduce the construction waste sent to landfill on their projects, instead recycling waste into sustainable building materials (like aggregate, road base and fill sand) wherever possible.

World Green Building Week Event in Perth

As the GBCA reported recently, we helped one such project, Frasers Property Australia’s new Perth office, to achieve WA’s first ever 6 Star Green Star Rating.

And as part of the World Green Building Week celebrations, run in Perth by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), we are the proud sponsors of the ‘Change your perspective’ event, held at the Frasers Property’s Perth office – an aptly Green Star Rated venue.

The theme of the event is ‘Change Your Perspective’, focussing on how every element of the building industry – builders, suppliers, waste management, architects, designers and everyone in between –  must change their perspectives on the importance of embracing green building practices in order to reach the ‘two-degree world’ we need in order to be sustainable for the future of the planet.

At the event, speaker Trudy-Ann King, Head of Market Engagement at GBCA, will discuss how the industry is tracking and how to change perspectives. The GBCA will also launch a Green Star video – showcasing projects that have really pushed the idea of changing the industry perspective (like the Fraser’s project) and will also announce the winner of the 2016 Future Green Leader of the Year award.

Jake Hickey, State Resource Development Manager at Instant Waste Management will also give a brief talk at the event, outlining how Instant Waste Management are working to help change perspectives on sustainable construction practices in Perth.

The event takes place at Fraser’s Property Australia, Level 2 1 Havelock St, West Perth on Wednesday 28 Sep 2016 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

To find out more and book tickets to the event, visit the GBCA website here.

And to find out more about how we can help Perth construction sites to reduce their construction and demolition waste, we also run tours of our Materials Recovery Facility, available on request. For more information on these tours, download our MRF tour information pack here.