Hazardous & Industrial Waste Management & Disposal

Hazardous Waste Disposal in Perth

Instant Waste Management provides environmentally-responsible hazardous waste disposal services to clients in Perth and right across Western Australia.

At times, your waste will not be appropriate to remove waste via a Skip Bin or one of our other industrial waste management services. We have many clients that generate a variety of hazardous waste and simply do not know how to dispose of this type of waste in a safe and responsible manner.

Instant Waste Management has registered Skip and Hiab vehicles that are authorised to remove controlled hazardous waste from commercial, industrial, retail and domestic sites. We can also arrange the safe identification and removal of other forms of hazardous or unknown waste.

We specialise in hazardous solid waste management – as well as liquid waste – and are authorised to remove all categories of controlled packaged waste listed on the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) category listing.

The type of waste we are typically engaged to assist in disposing include:

  • Asbestos waste - this must be packaged in accordance with Government regulatory requirements (see attached guidelines)  Asbestos-Disposal-Guidelines.pdf ;
  • Chemicals;
  • Contaminated and other materials requiring special disposal (eg. used garnet from sand blasting activities, contaminated soils etc);
  • Hydrocarbons;
  • Lubricants;
  • Oils (engine oils, hydraulic oils, oil soiled materials etc);
  • Spoiled and out of date foods; and
  • Unknown waste - we can offer a sample and testing service to assess the nature of the waste and then provide an estimate or quote to dispose of the identified waste.


Industrial Waste Management

We also receive a number of requests for the management, disposal and /or destruction of other industrial waste which although is not hazardous, still needs to be disposed of or destroyed for commercial purposes.

We have carried out such activities as:

  • destruction and disposal of old and surplus stock to ensure it does not find its way into the second hand / black market; and 
  • destruction and disposal of imported materials that do not meet Australian standards.


Our experienced, qualified and DER registered personnel can safely remove waste from site and securely transport the packaged waste to a licensed DER disposal facility.

Where Controlled Waste tracking documentation is required, this can be provided to confirm the waste has been disposed at a registered waste disposal site.


Operating for over 25 years and working with several iconic brands, we have become one of the leading industrial waste management companies in WA.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to assess how we can assist you in disposing of your hazardous and other waste.


We are authorised to remove controlled waste from commercial, industrial, retail and domestic sites. We can also arrange the safe identification and removal of other forms of hazardous or unknown waste.

Hazardous & Industrial Waste

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