Waste Management Planning

Waste Management Planning Services – Including Development Approvals & Building Permits


Operating for over 25 years, Instant Waste Management (IWM) are WA’s leading experts in waste management planning.

Specialising in the development and implementation of successful waste management strategies, we work with a wide range of businesses across various industries.

Resource recovery is our core focus at IWM and our sustainable waste management strategies are designed to help clients minimise their environmental footprint and reduce their waste disposal costs.


Our service offerings include

  • Project management of small to medium projects to produce high-quality, integrated waste management plans and advisory documentation, including:
  1. Feasibility Studies
  2. Development Approval & Building Permits;
  3. Site Waste Management Plans & Strategies
  4. Tenders & Contracts
  5. Waste System Assessments
  6. Waste Facility Master Planning, Research & Reviews, Data Analysis & Waste Auditing.
  • Providing advice and assistance to internal and external clients, team members and project managers on waste and recycling.
  • Preparing quality reports for internal and external clients on waste generation and diversion.
  • Assisting waste infrastructure projects, such as estate-wide design guidelines, landfills, waste transfer stations and energy from waste projects.





References (available on request):

Terry Walters (RABQSA),

Michael Draka, (Draka Partners & Associates),

Nic Preston (HCP Architects): click here to see their written testimonial.


Professional Roles & Services:

  • GBCA Waste Auditor
  • NABERs Waste Auditor
  • Chairman of the “Dob in a Dumper” Committee Housing Industry Association
  • Branch Executive WA, Waste Management Resource Recovery Association of Australia
  • State Resource Development Manager (Supply Chain development of closed looped recycled materials to commercialisation)
  • C&D working Group providing state & federal government with consultation, feedback on the “End of Waste” guidelines & amendments on EP Regulations)

Recent projects include

  • Detailed Waste Management Planning for operational waste streams required for Building Permit or Development Approval Applications, as per JDAP or SAT hearing development conditions.
  • Expert witness for SAT hearing (matters related to waste infrastructure and procurement).
  • Waste Auditing – Not for Profits and the second largest employer in Western Australia.
  • Master Planning – Strategic planning for long term waste infrastructure and waste generation on a city scale.
  • Company waste management plans for construction and demolition projects.
  • Consultant for local governments on the creation of Bylaws and planning restrictions around windblown waste, littering and illegal dumping.

If you’d like to learn more about the various strategies for effective waste management, contact our friendly team today to book a free consultation.