About Us

Instant Waste Management was established in 1997 and is the largest private, family operated waste recycling company in Western Australia. We service the needs of a wide range of waste generators across the majority of the private sector. We’ve collected and recycled the waste from the biggest public event ever held in WA! Perth’s Australia Day “Skyworks” (Watch our events video from the Skyworks below).

We collect construction and demolition waste from major infrastructure projects, residential buildings and recycle in our “state of the art” Material Recovery Facility. Collect commercial and industrial waste from manufacturing companies and hotels, reducing your waste management costs and environmental footprint.

Company Profile

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Founded in Western Australia, we’ve been doing business for a couple of decades with a developed network of loyal customers. Our business owners have grown the business from a couple of trucks to a fleet of over a hundred vehicles delivering skip bins and a large range of bins. With our committed management team lead by the founding Directors, we have changed the face of modern recycling in WA.


“Waste Sustainability in Action”

Sustainable waste management involves the conservation of our native fauna and flora; providing secure jobs and affordable solutions to the forward thinking businesses of tomorrow.

We need to recycle and use more recovered materials, so that we limit our waste’s impact on our environment.

Our waste recycling reporting and our customers’ recycling initiatives on multiple award winning projects are our lasting legacy for the next generation.

Health, Safety and Environment

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How we manage your waste

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