Construction & Demolition

Turning building waste into viable resources

We work with Western Australia’s major residential and commercial building companies and many boutique builders, helping them effectively manage construction and demolition  (C&D) waste, minimise their environmental footprint and reduce waste disposal costs.

By engaging Instant Waste Management as your waste partner of choice, you’ll acquire a cost-effective, timely and sustainable solution for collection, disposal and regeneration of construction waste materials, including building rubble, sand, timber, steel, paper and cardboard. We also offer hazardous waste collection and disposal for materials such as paint, oil and rubber tyres, and provide an asbestos disposal service.

Resource Recovery

Most of the waste going to landfill comes from construction projects, but the good news is that much of it can be recycled. Our state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility can handle C&D waste from a single bin and divert 80-90% of the rubbish away from landfill. The main waste streams are then recycled in-house, while other viable materials such as wood and metal are fed into external recycling supply chains. In the near future, we’ll also be able to recycle plastics and paper in the same fashion.

Recommended waste management solutions

Please choose one of the following waste services for more information on how Instant Waste Management can assist you:

Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Waste System
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Hook Lift Bins

Hook Lift Waste System
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Front Lift Bin Hire

Front Lift Waste System
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Rear Lift Bins

Override rear lift
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Hazardous & Industrial Waste

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If your construction project features onsite offices or canteens, we can also provide Paper and Card recycling bins and Commercial and Industrial removal services for general and liquid waste.

Corporate social responsibility

To help you with your compliance requirements and corporate sustainability targets, we offer waste testing and reporting, Quality Assurance systems for testing of recycled materials, as well as tours and educational presentations. 

Put your waste sustainability into action

Order your bin online today, call for a consultation with our sales staff or arrange a tour of our Material Recovery Facility.

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