Putting sustainability into corporate practices

There are many ways to make your organisation more sustainable – one of them is to employ an effective waste management strategy. At Instant Waste Management, we specialise in helping businesses minimise waste, maximise resource recovery and improve their environmental credentials.

We provide scheduled collection services for any type of commercial waste, including general waste, paper and cardboard, liquid refuse and commercial and industrial waste. We’re committed to helping our corporate clients become more sustainable and have been officially recognised for our achievements with awards for recycling, waste management and sustainability education initiatives.

Resource recovery

As part of our Waste Sustainability in Action initiative, we’re working with WA businesses to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and turn recyclable waste into viable products. Our state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility uses best practice technology to separate materials from mixed waste streams and direct them into different recycling systems. We then offer our clients the option to purchase recycled sand, drainage rock and road base products and further improve their environmental efforts.  

Paper and cardboard recycling system

Paper and card are two of the most common waste products produced by large organisations, and they’re also the easiest to recycle. We provide dedicated paper recycling bins, secured bins and compactors to ensure that the paper from your office ends up in a recycled product instead of landfill.

Corporate social responsibility

We understand the importance of corporate social responsibility in today’s business world and offer our clients a number of options to help them achieve sustainability targets and meet compliance requirements. If you’re working towards Green Star certification, we can help you earn points through recycling, waste management planning, waste reporting and reporting on the amount of CO2 saved by using recycled products.

Recommended waste management solutions

Please choose one of the following waste services for more information on how Instant Waste Management can assist you:

Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Waste System
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Hook Lift Bins

Hook Lift Waste System
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Front Lift Bin Hire

Front Lift Waste System
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Liquid Waste Removal

Liquid Vacuum Tanker
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Rear Lift Bins

Override rear lift
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Paper & Cardboard

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Hazardous & Industrial Waste

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Put your waste sustainability into action

Contact us today for a meeting to discuss your commercial waste management requirements or arrange a tour of our Material Recovery Facility.

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