How we manage your waste

What service do you require?

The first step in managing your waste is to assess the type of service you require.

Most of our clients already know the particular waste service they require and as a result bypass this step.

However, we receive many queries from new and existing clients who need assistance with their waste management needs. As a result, Instant Waste Management provides a waste consultation service to assist clients.

In many cases a simple phone call or e-mail will be provide many of the answers you require. However, in some cases a meeting or site visit may be required.

If you are unsure of waste management needs, we invite you to contact us to see how we can assist.

Organising a service

Some clients will require a one-off service, whereas other clients require a regular service to be undertaken.

One-off or important services can be organised by contacting us using the information on the right.

Regular service schedules are usually organised in advance as a result of a waste consultation, service agreement or contract entered into between the client and Instant Waste Management.

Instant Waste Management generally requires 24 hours notice to attend to an unscheduled waste service. Where the waste to be removed is of a hazardous nature, more time may be required, in order to:

  • assess the nature of the waste to be disposed;
  • identify the licenced locations can accept the waste;
  • advise the client of the cost of disposal and receive; and
  • receive confirmation from the client to attend to the service.

Download our credit application form for regular services & email it to or call 9379 2111 & ask for accounts.


Servicing your site

Once a particular waste service has been organised, we strive to achieve the service when required.

If there is a particular issue with servicing the site when required, Instant Waste Management will contact you as soon as practicable, to advise you of the issue and when the service can be rescheduled (eg. later in the day, next day or some other agreed time).

Waste Disposal

Instant Waste complies with all regulatory requirements in relation to the proper disposal of waste.

Where possible, Instant Waste Management will recycle waste rather than taking it to a landfill site or other licenced establishment.

Please refer to our Recycling page for further information on our recycling initiatives.