Liquid Waste Removal & Grease Trap Services

Instant Waste Management provide liquid waste removal services across Perth, Rockingham, and Mandurah.

We provide domestic, retail, commercial, and industrial liquid waste disposal services, and our liquid vacuum tankers are authorised to remove waste from traps, tanks, pits, and wash down facilities.

We also specialise in grease trap solutions for a range of businesses across WA.

  • Instant Waste Management is able to remove all categories of controlled liquid waste listed on the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) category listing.
  • We offer two options for liquid waste removal:
    • Our tanker arrives on site and removes the controlled liquid waste from the trap, pit, or tank.
    • We provide a 1000 liter IBC on-site and once full either pump-out on-site using a tanker or remove and replace the IBC using our DER registered HIAB vehicle.
  • Our tankers are DER registered bulk transport vehicles and range from 5,000 to a 12,000-litre capacity.
  • The controlled liquid materials we are able to transport using our tanker fleet include
    • Grease Waste
    • Septic Waste
    • Oil/Water Mixtures
    • Storm Drain Waste
    • Industrial Waste Waters
    • Oil Interceptor Waste
    • Sludge/Waste Water Mixtures

Grease Trap Services

Instant Waste Management is one of WA’s leading grease trap companies, servicing a range of industries, but the Hospitality industry in particular.

With our environmentally-responsible processes and procedures for liquid waste disposal, Perth businesses can rest assured their waste will be handled appropriately. We can also compile waste assessments, audits, and reports that can be provided to ensure the optimum waste solution is provided and your waste targets are met.

Specialists in grease trap removal, our experienced, qualified, and DER-registered personnel can safely remove waste from the site and securely transport the liquid waste to a DER-licensed disposal facility.

Controlled Waste tracking documentation can be provided to confirm the waste has been disposed of at a registered waste disposal site.

In addition to grease trap services, we also can arrange Skip Bin Hire anywhere within then Perth metropolitan area.


Instant Waste Management has a wide range of liquid vacuum tanker collection services on offer. Contact us for further information from our experienced WA based team.

Vehicle Specifications

Vacuum  Tanker

Industrial Vacuum Loader

Tanker Capacity




Overall Length

Up to 9m

Up to 11m

Up to 11m

Overall Width

Up to 2.6m

Up to 3m

Up to 3m

Height(In operation)

Up to 2.7m

Up to 4.2m

Up to 4.2m

Vehicle GVM








Turning Circle




Vehicle Safety Features

  • Spill Kits
  • Reversing lights and beepers
  • Beacon
  • Cam Locks
  • Controlled Waste vehicle signage


Tanker Options

Were loated at 408 Byers Lane. 7Download the Brochure

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