About Waste Recycling

Waste matters to us; Instant Waste Management believes that Western Australia is too good to waste. The whole state generates over Eight Million tonnes of waste each year*. Over Five Million tonnes is landfilled.

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Three main waste categories:

  • Construction & Demolition waste (C&D) e.g. Bricks, sand, timber and concrete.
  • Commercial & Industrial waste (C&I) e.g. Paper, cardboard, glass & general waste.
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) e.g. general household waste & recyclable waste.
  1. Construction & Demolition waste makes up the largest share of Western Australian landfilled waste, (Three Million tonnes per year*) and offers us the most viable materials for use in recycled products. Western Australian’s only recycle around Thirty – Forty % of its C&D waste*.
  2. Commercial & Industrial waste makes up the next largest share of Western Australian waste sent to landfill (One Million tonne*) Paper & cardboard can be recycled from this waste stream without very much processing. Western Australian’s only recycle Forty Six % of its C&I waste*.
  3. Your household waste takes up a small proportion of the waste landfilled in Western Australia, some of it is composted and the rest can be turned into electricity using Waste to Energy facilities. Western Australian’s only recycle Thirty % of Municipal Solid Waste*.

Instant Waste Management recycles construction & demolition waste at its Material Recovery Facilities. No asbestos or hazardous waste is accepted.

CUSTOMERS are Not allowed to tip at our Material Recovery Facility unless pre-arranged for large volume loads only.

Watch the Go-Pro Camera footage of how we process and sort waste into different viable materials and recycle Eighty to Ninety % of it using our mixed single bin collection system.

*Source: WA Waste Strategy 2012.