Eco-friendly Easter

Make this year’s Easter a sustainable one by following our easy DIY gift ideas for family and friends and tips on how you can host a low-waste Easter event.

  1. Easter events

There are numerous ways to make this year’s Easter more sustainable; some ideas include; cooking with sustainable ingredients and using reusable items such as knives and forks, plates, cups, napkins, and Tupperware. If celebrating at a picnic, consider a menu that avoids using disposable cutlery and plates (such as pre-cut sandwiches).

2. Easter Eggs

People forget that chocolate Easter egg wrapping often ends us being thrown away. Rather than supplying chocolate Easter eggs, consider purchasing freshly laid eggs that can be decorated. See links below for ideas.

3. DIY Gift Projects

Consider crafting your own Easter gifts this year using eco-friendly, recycled materials. Many creative and simple DIY gift ideas can be found on platforms such as Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Below we have provided you with some quick links to DIY projects.

4. Easter Baskets

Instead of purchasing Easter baskets, consider alternative options such as containers that can be decorated (e.g., cardboard boxes that you may have at home). You can also make your Easter more sustainable by purchasing gift baskets made from recycled, reusable material. Be sure to consider the contents of the gift baskets ensuring items are eco-friendly and produce minimal waste.

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