Elizabeth Quay Waste Management

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Waste management knows no limits. Wherever there is development, there is waste. When dealing waste, you need a reliable company to handle it and provide you with a waste management consultation. You need a company who is committed to material recovery and sustainability for the future to help care of the environment.

Elizabeth Quay is one of the largest industrial projects transforming the City of Perth. As it takes shape and begins to affect the waterfront skyline, excitement builds with it. The preliminary stages are expected to open as early as Spring 2015 though some developments such as the Ritz-Carlton complex are not expected to open until at least 2017. Yet, waste management has been an issue all the way through the project. Instant Waste provided a waste management services to the project. To give you an idea of the scale of the project, we have the following stats for you to appreciate the scalability of our services.

During “The Big Dig”, the carving out of the inlet by the Bell Tower, 4000 tonnes of dirt and rubble had to be removed every day. They could not very well put all that in a landfill, especially given the WA State Government increases to the  landfill levy encouraging many project managers to hire more Skips for their waste management strategy.

Just how big is the Elizabeth Quay development?

Construction has created approximately 400 jobs. The project covers 10 hectares including the 2.7 hectare Inlet and 1.5 hectare Promenade.  It will provide 1400 residents in 800 apartments over 87,000 sqm; 10,000 workers and 200,000 sqm of office space, 25,000 sqm of retail space and 400 hotel rooms. There will be a 470 sqm water park and 24 temporary moorings in the Inlet.

Although the Western Australian government has earmarked $440 million for the project, this is dwarfed by the $2.2 billion of private investment.

With all of this, a full 60% of the development will be accessible to the public.

There are several main areas of the Elizabeth Quay development.

The Waterfront Promenade will provide a continuous, walkable circuit around Inlet complete with a ribbon of trees and a lower level for waterfront dining amongst other leisure activities.

Geoffrey Bolton Avenue is the new waterfront road north of the inlet. Between Esplanade Station and Supreme Court Gardens it connects these spaces with a tree-lined green link.

Station Park, opposite Esplanade Train Station, will be a major feature. Framed by existing fig trees, tall palms and landscaped gardens, the new BHP Billiton waterpark will have interactive water features to create a fresh and playful atmosphere for all the family to enjoy.

The key component, reconnecting the Swan River to the city, is the Inlet. Besides the 24 berths, there will be flexible space for boat shows, marine events, concerts or performances. Additionally, the public ferries will have a new terminal on the western side of the Inlet.

The Island provides an oasis for families. The reconstruction of the 1928 Florence Hummerston Kiosk will feature prominently as a family-friendly cafe. Eventually, there will also be a children’s playground and a display of public art.

Perth’s latest iconic architectural masterpiece in the form of the arched Bridge gives visitors the chance to have stunning views across the Swan River to South Perth. Open only to pedestrians and cyclists, the bridge links the two different ends of the development to create a recreational circuit for those who wish to use it.

Elizabeth Quay is easily accessed by almost any mode of transport you can dream up. Adjacent to the Esplanade Train Station and Busport and connected to the Barrack Street Jetty ferry terminal as well as the blue and green CAT bus routes, public transport serves the area very well.

Such a grand project comes with waste management issues. Any company who can successfully manage a project as enormous as the Elizabeth Quay development can surely do an amazing job with anything you can throw at them (literally!) Trust your next project’s waste management to a company who recycles 80-90% of its received waste and can manage large scale commercial developments right down to provide fast and efficient skips to your door for small residential waste. Instant Waste, committed to waste sustainability in action.