Everything you need to know about our wet/dry vacuum tanker services

Instant Waste Management offers both wet and dry vacuum tanker services, commonly used in the industrial, commercial, and retail sectors. Below is a breakdown of the wet and dry waste types we service.

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Once wet/dry waste is removed from tanks and traps, Instant Waste Management safely transports waste back to a Department of Environmental and Conservation (DEC) licensed disposal facility.

Why is this service important?

When tanks and traps are not properly serviced/maintained, hazardous risks are involved such as backflush, overflow, spills, pollution, and blockages. These have damaging effects on our environment and are expensive to fix. Therefore, scheduling regular services is crucial to keep your business clean and safe for maximum functionality and provide long-term investments.

Vacuum services ensure your workplace is kept well maintained and provides a professional, safe, and clean workplace environment for all workforce, contractors, and customers.

When does your tank require a pump out?

There are common warning signs that your tank requires a pump out. Pay attention to foul smelling odors, slow running drains, sewer backup, and overflow.

How Instant Waste Management helps

Our experienced and qualified personnel can safely vacuum wet and dry waste from tanks and traps and safely transport materials back to a DEC waste licensed disposal facility. Instant Waste Management can arrange routine vacuum services for all your wet and dry waste needs.

For more information, call our friendly staff today at (08) 9379 2111.