Is a Skip Bin the best option for my waste disposal?

Instant Waste Management’s most popular and versatile waste disposal service is our iconic blue Skip Bins. Our skip services can be used for various projects, including residential, industrial, and commercial projects. We accept a range of rubbish, including organic/green waste, household items such as furniture, building rubble, surplus building materials, sand, timber, steel, and paper & cardboard. Our bin sizes range from 2 cubic meters up to 10 cubic meters bins to cater to different waste quantities, providing cost-effective options.

To determine whether our skip bins are the best option for your waste disposal needs, ask yourself the questions below.

1. What type of waste is being disposed of?

As described above, we accept a large variety of different waste, excluding hazardous waste such as oils, paints, poisons, batteries, asbestos, vehicle tyres, food waste, and gas bottles. Refer to our website for all information on what can and can’t be disposed of to ensure a skip bin is a suitable choice for the job. Alternatively, you can call our friendly staff at (08) 9379 2111.

2. What is the rubbish skip hire duration?

Our outstanding, fast services ensure the job is done correctly and within your desired time frame. Hires range from 1-14 days. Services can be arranged for same-day delivery and collected/returned at the agreed timeframe or upon request.

3. What suburb are you ordering to?

Instant Waste Management provides services across the entire Perth Metropolitan Area, the Northern Suburbs, right down to the South of the River, including Rockingham and Mandurah. For location quotes and bookings, visit this link. Alternately, you can call our friendly team for quotes and bookings.

4. Where can the skip bin be placed?
Ensure you have a placement in mind before ordering. Bin placements are easy to organise with our staff. For residential projects, verge delivery and vacant blocks are popular options. Our drivers can place bins in most areas, providing they meet all shire/legal requirements and space/access is not an issue. For commercial and industrial projects, we can arrange bins to be placed between site floors as a method of relocating waste between floors.