IWM Supports Probuild’s School Community Project

With a desire to give back to the local community, IWM client Probuild have introduced ‘ProCommunity,’ their corporate social responsibility programme. The charity initiative focuses on addressing a range of issues within local communities, including homelessness, education and the environment.


The Project

ProCommunity’s latest achievement is the completion of a community project at Westfield Park Primary School (WPPS) in Camillo. Construction company Probuild partnered with The Song Room, a national non-for-profit education organisation, to develop an amphitheatre at the school.


The design concept was initiated by Realm Studios and Le Grove, while Probuild and their carefully selected subcontractors constructed the ‘outdoor classroom’ between 30th November and 2nd December. Probuild were heavily supported in the construction of the amphitheatre, with monetary, material and labour donations from various consultants and subcontractors.

 ProBuild School Community Project 3


Part of the project was also the construction of a sculpture designed by celebrated local artist, Lewis Horne. The sculpture – a giant metal dandelion with children’s hand-shaped cut-outs forming the seed pods – was developed using recycled materials. Instant Waste Management offered the artist access to our recycled materials for the project.


The sculpture stands next to the amphitheatre and provides not only an attractive, artistic focal point, but a nod to recycling and is also a constant reminder of the community spirit which made the project possible.


Probuild’s Community Focus

Probuild is committed to supporting and encouraging their staff to give back to the communities in which they operate, and to assisting not-for-profit organisations however they can. 


Each year, their ProCommunity team organise a number of activities for their staff around Australia, from helping to build community projects, to volunteering in soup kitchens. As part of their commitment to the community, all Probuild staff are entitled to two paid days’ volunteer leave each year.


The Song Room Sings ‘Opportunity’

The Song Room provides skills, resources and personal and professional development opportunities for under-privileged communities across Australia, as well as innovative learning experiences for pupils. Dedicated to providing disadvantaged children with greater opportunity and enhancing their education, The Song Room offers a variety of programmes which facilitate learning through music and the arts.


Waste Management & Recycling – a Vital Education

As high-profile advocates for the diversion of waste from landfill, IWM take seriously our role in educating the public about the importance of recycling. In the new year, we will be delivering a short presentation during assembly to the students of Westfield Park Primary School. The presentation will discuss the recycling process and will include a short video tour of our Material Recovery Facility, which demonstrates how recyclable materials are recovered.


With Australia’s waste growing at double the rate of our population, education on waste management has never been more crucial. Fortunately, with the help of ABC’s highly-publicised documentary series ‘War on Waste,’ the public are becoming more aware.


Schools across the nation have jumped on board, with the documentary being shown in classes and set as a topic for homework and coursework. Some schools have even introduced their own campaigns to spread awareness and reduce waste in their communities.


Boy Image for ProBuild Article 2Also, in recent months, over 50 Facebook groups, 42,000 Instagram posts bearing the #WarOnWasteAU hashtag and countless news articles have arisen to support the cause.


For more information on the Westfield Park Primary School community project, or advice on what you can be doing to help the ‘war on waste,’ please contact the friendly team at IWM today.

Here is some lovely artwork from the children at Westfield Park Primary School, thanking us for our involvement:


Child Letter 1Child Letter 2