Maximising Recycling

How Instant Waste Management Started and What we’re All About  

Founded by two Italian Brothers around 15 years ago, Instant Waste Management is now the largest privately owned waste management and recycling company in Western Australia.  Built from the roots into what is now a flourishing operation, Instant Waste Management started from humble beginnings with only a couple of trucks. Nowadays, we are currently working an entire fleet of over 140 vehicles, delivering thousands of skip bins and other waste management solutions to a wide range of clients.

Since starting out, Instant Waste Management have been committed to delivering the highest quality service. With a dedicated management team lead by the founding Directors, we have effectively changed the face of modern day recycling in WA using a range of unique techniques and a service that’s motivated by positively shifting the environment around us.

How Instant Waste Management Differs

With a sold focus on the construction and demolition industries, Instant Waste Management have always been about delivering an array of services to clients. “Our services range from waste collection and recycling all the way through to fully integrated waste collection contracts”, says Jake Hickey, State Resource Development Manager.

More than Just Managing Waste

One of the primary aims of Instant Waste Management was to deliver a service that involved all aspects of waste management. We didn’t want to just manage waste – “we maximise recycling and resource regeneration opportunities”, emphasises Jake. “We are leaders in the environmental space in regards to recycling waste rather than just landfilling it”.

We provide sustainable solutions for recycling construction waste and involve ourselves in various not-for-profit organisations that promote responsible waste management. We’ll go as far as even advising the government on recycling solutions because we value the environment, resource regeneration opportunities and the safe and efficient removal and management of waste.

In terms of the recycling rates in Western Australia, we’re really falling behind the rest of the country at quite a radical rate. Thus, at Instant Waste Management we feel the determination to react and respond and make a positive change is extremely important. “We are the worst mainland state for recycling and we produce the most waste per capita”, says Jake. “So we are really behind the eight ball in that. In fact as a state, Western Australia only recycles approximately 30 percent of its construction and demolition waste”.

At Instant Waste Management, we want to see WA excel in the level of responsible waste management in comparison to other states across the country. Ideally, we want to bring WA closer to the recycling targets throughout the Eastern States via an integrated approach and commitment to our customers and the environment around us.

Our Material Recovery Facility

To continue servicing the industry in the best possible way, Instant Waste Management have recently opened a leading edge Material Recovery Facility. It’s the first state-of-the-art construction and demolition material recovery facility in WA and we invested a whopping $15 million into the project to make it happen.

The material recovery facility can recycle between 80% and 90% of the construction and demolition waste in a single skip bin system which is crucial factor to ensuring its success. Previously, it was best practice to categorise waste onsite but the solution was not practical nor efficient. “Subcontractors and builders just didn’t do it – nobody would!” admits Jake. “Behaviour change was difficult to implement as it was costly as well”.  

The Material Recovery Facility can treat and process of 200,000 tons of mixed waste every year. Whilst this is a fantastic achievement, our ultimate goal is zero waste to landfill. With the help of our customers, we will be able to continue achieving higher and higher levels of recycling.

Skip Bin Production


At Instant Waste Management, we have a large operation where we make our own skip bins in the heart of Bayswater employing our own welding team & spray painters. We also build & maintain our own trucks bodies  to suit your projects’ requirements of limited access heights etc.

In order to maintain client satisfaction and differ from other waste management companies, we deliver these “made in WA” skip bins on our purpose built trucks at a rate of one every three minutes into our state of the art recycling facility during the course of a normal day’s business.