Multiple Waste Streams, One Sustainable Vision.

We often get questions about how our operation works since we invested millions into an onsite material recovery facility and how we are able to segregate your waste. 

How It’s Done

Using Perth’s largest fleet of waste collection trucks, waste is collected from all over the Perth Metropolitan area. We deliver/pick up from Yanchep to Mandurah. It is then delivered to offsite Material Recovery Facility (licensed by the Department of Environmental Regulation.) Here, using environmentally-friendly three-phase electricity and hydraulic equipment (more environmentally-friendly than standard diesel-powered screening equipment,) we segregte the waste into its different streams. Typically, we recycle in excess of 80% of what we collect. We can efficiently segregate waste offsite from a single skip bin system. This is how:


Our first step is to inspect the waste. It is mixed and raked over by machines and trained operatives who look out for hazardous materials and any oversized items which might need to be broken down at the outset.

Apron Feeders & Conveyors

The mixed waste is now loaded into a fifty-tonne hopper by a front-loader truck. The Apron Feeder is linked to half a kilometre of heavy material conveyor lines. Ours is the first Material Recovery Facility of its kind in Western Australia and is a precursor for similar single-bin recycling systems.

Primary Screens

Like a giant sieve, this screen is designed to vibrate and divert any small and undersized materials away from the shredder’s sharp teeth, saving maintenance costs on sharpening or replacing the tungsten-tipped teeth.


We have Western Australia’s largest shredder to be introduced into a fully-integrated, mixed construction and demolition waste recycling system. It has many rows of hydraulically-powered teeth, specifically designed to reduce the size of everything that passes through it into a uniform size.

Secondary Screens

After the shredders, the more material is passed through this smaller screen in order to sieve out anything smaller than 50mm. The larger material goes to the Air Density Separator while the smaller material is sent to the Oscillating Sand Screen.

Oscillating Sand Screen

This is a fine sieve with 8mm holes set in an angled conveyor that flaps up and down to avoid the sand from clogging the screen. It diverts recycled fill material away from landfill into the sand bunker where it is quality-tested, stockpiled and made available for collection.

Air Density Separators

These are giant cyclonic air vacuums, designed to blast air across the waste in order to capture any of the light materials are too difficult for us to recycle. We are developing sustainable supply chains for these resource recovery waste streams, mainly via Waste to Energy facilities.

What about Cardboard and paper?

If you are recycling mixed paper and cardboard, we can provide source-separated bins for your construction and demolition projects.

Picking Stations

After all the machinery gets through, we finish the process with the quality assurance process of the human eye and sound judgement. We have found this to be the best way to pick out any waste that cannot be recycled at present.


Our process features several large magnets. We have drum magnets to capture small pieces of metal as well as massive overhead magnets for larger metal items. These items are then stored in a bunker ready for secondary recycling markets.

For reasons of safety, we cannot allow anyone with a pacemaker to go anywhere near these areas.

Record & Report 

In order to adhere to our licensing requirements and your environmental accreditation, we record both the type and quantities of both waste and recyclable material we collect from you. We also provide a detailed project report on your ongoing recycling and waste generation which is broken down by different material types and their anticipated destinations.

It is our hope that understanding how we operate is the next step to building a healthy relationship with you and giving you the peace of mind you need; confident in the knowledge that your waste is being handled as responsibly as is possible with our state of the art material recovery facility.