IWM Supports Keep Australia Beautiful Week

Keep Australia Beautiful Week is coming up in August! Taking place from the 21st to the 27th, the week-long event aims to reduce litter and raise awareness of what waste does to our environment. Although Keep Australia Beautiful only runs for 7 days, the event is used as a tool to change the way Australians think about the effects of landfill with long term benefits.

This year, Keep Australia Beautiful Week will encourage Aussies to do their part for the community by picking up one piece of rubbish each day throughout the week. This #LitterRally helps to work towards a litter free and sustainable environment across the country, by encouraging small every-day actions that make a huge difference. KAB week is a smart movement that anyone and everyone can get involved with. Roadside litter is the leading litter type found in our country and has hugely negative effects on our environment.

By cutting down on litter and raising awareness, we all do our part to dispose of waste properly and reduce its harmful effects.

The 2017 KAB week has collaborated with various local government bodies around the country to engage the entire community. The team at IWM urge you to do your bit, so we can all work together to tackle litter and Keep Australia Beautiful. Take the pledge today to join thousands of Aussies in their bid to promote a cleaner, more environmentally friendly country!

How IWM are Getting Involved

Instant Waste Management have been collaborating with Keep Australia Beautiful WA for a number of years. As the Chairman of the not for profit “Dob in a Dumper” committee we were recognised for the group’s outstanding action to reduce illegally dumped waste, creating a cleaner and safer Western Australia in 2013 when we won the KABWA Star Award.  We also presented at the KABWA workshops on illegally dumped waste in 2014 and 2015. This year, IWM will continue to support Keep Australia Beautiful by raising awareness of the importance of proper recycling and waste removal solutions.

During this year’s festival, IWM will provide general information about the importance of recycling and waste management options. IWM contributes year-round to waste removal and recycling and as a result, are one of the leading waste removal companies in Australia. Waste matters to us; so our team works hard to manage the three main waste categories – construction and demolition waste (C&D), commercial and industrial waste (C&I) and municipal solid waste, also known as general household and recycling waste (MSW).

Why Cut Down on Waste: The Facts

Did you know that each person in WA produces around 2.4 tonnes of waste every year? And that’s just in Western Australia alone! Litter is any waste or rubbish that hasn’t been disposed of properly, without consent or in the wrong location. This includes leaving rubbish on the ground instead of using supplied garbage and recycling bins.

The majority of litter is plastic – a huge litter culprit – comes directly from windblown waste. Every year an estimated of 20,700 tonnes of plastics are disposed of in landfill sites throughout the country, which if not managed properly all contributes to drain blockages and floods, damages marine life and a build-up of waste that’s ruining the environment we live in.

But this is just the beginning…

  • Approximately 7 billion cigarette butts are littered in Australia each year.
  • Clean up litter costs for WA alone is more than $20 million a year.
  • Plastic beverage containers make up the highest volume of roadside litter in WA. Next to this are cigarette butts, glass pieces, alcoholic beverage cans and bottle caps.
  • Litter in our waterways and environment impacts on flora and fauna… and our future children.
  • Clean Up Australia’s 2010 Rubbish Report revealed the beaches and coasts of WA are the most polluted in the country, with an average of 1093 rubbish items found on each site. School grounds, public bushland and parks are also the top polluted site types in WA.

Keeping Australia Beautiful, 24/7

Although this movement will make a big impact on the effects of littering, it’s important to keep the awareness running strong and contribute to positive waste removal solutions on a regular basis – not just for KAB week. Keeping Australia Beautiful every day of the week, 24/7 sets up a better living environment for us and future generations.

Do YOUR Bit: Waste Removal and Recycling Tips

In line with Keep Australia Beautiful week, do YOUR bit by picking up a piece of rubbish every day. There are multiple ways you can make a contribution to reducing litter and the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Here are few tips to start implementing today:

  1. Participate in clean-up activities and awareness events like KAB week or Adopt a Spot with KABWA
  2.  Dispose of your rubbish properly to stop it becoming marine debris. Use available facilities and be aware of the best practice guidelines.
  3. Reduce, Re-use and recycle! Reducing waste also reduces litter so find ways to manage your waste stream and reduce your packaging purchases.  Know what to recycle.
  4. Repurpose waste into something usable.
  5. Practice safe and environmentally friendly waste management in all areas. Whether you’re moving house or doing an office clean-up, choose a skip bin hire over dumping waste in landfill to dispose of everything correctly. Make sure you have the right bins in your home and office too.

Practicing smart waste management and utilising recycling services are key to Keeping Australia Beautiful. If everyone contributes a little bit each day, big differences are made. For more information or tips, speak to one of our staff today.