Setting up Workplace Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Why Recycle?

Making cardboard from recycled material, rather than brand new fibre, saves not only trees, but also large amounts of water (up to 99% less) and energy (up to 50% less). One tonne of recycled cardboard saves almost 175 litres of oil and up to 250 cubic feet of landfill space.

That’s why at Instant Waste Management, we help our customers turn their waste paper and cardboard into recyclable material. As part of our ‘Waste Sustainability in Action’ initiative, we’re working with environmentally conscious businesses to divert work paper and cardboard away from landfill.

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Setting up workplace paper and cardboard recycling

1. Work with your waste management provider:

Get in touch with your waste management provider to find out what kind of paper and cardboard is acceptable and make sure that the content of your used paper remains confidential.

2. Provide staff training:

Make sure to train all staff on what is and what is not recyclable. It is important to ensure that the paper and cardboard bins are not contaminated like plastic, food waste, metal, and glass. An easy way of doing this is by posting guidelines near every paper and cardboard recycling bin for easy reference.

3. Audit Your Office Recycling Bin Locations:

Evaluate the type and size of bins for common areas like meeting rooms, hallways, reception areas, and lunchroom, based on volume, location, and usage.

4. Positive reinforcement:

Promoting good company practices is a great way to incentivise good behaviours and encourage positive work culture. Positive reinforcement can include;

  • Feature an employee in the company newsletter or a social media post about how that employee changed some habits to reduce the amount of waste he/she was generating,
  • Acknowledge an employee who took the time to remove contaminated items out of the paper and cardboard bins.
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Get Started

Instant Waste Management has a wide range of paper and cardboard bins on offer. Call us on (08) 9379 2111 or visit our Paper & Cardboard page to order your paper and cardboard bin today and start turning your waste into recyclable material.