Why you should not be putting batteries in bins

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Did you know that the one of main causes of fires in waste trucks and waste management facilities are faulty lithium batteries that ignite once thrown away.

People across Australia are unknowingly contributing to an increase fire risk by improperly disposing of batteries in their general waste bins.

Besides an increasing risk of fire, the improper disposal of batteries (whether in a bin or otherwise) can have an adverse effect on the environment as the contents of a battery can leach into the ground and into our waterways.

If recycled correctly, 95% of the components of a used battery can be repurposed into new batteries or utilised in other ways.

Most councils operating a transfer facility provide ratepayers with an opportunity to safely dispose of old batteries. In addition, a simple website search can also provide locations of approved disposal sites. For example refer to https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/batteries/PerthWA.  

By recycling batteries correctly, you can be part of the solution to a growing waste problem.

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