Why More People are Choosing to go Zero Waste – What You Didn’t Know!

With the popularity of living a zero waste lifestyle soaring online, it’s time to dispose of the myth that it’s difficult and costly to achieve. In fact, moving your household to a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle could reduce your expenditure while creating a happier and healthier home.

There is usually a big push for people to improve their recycling efforts during National Recycling Week (Monday 12th to Sunday 18th November 2018), however there’s no reason you shouldn’t start today. Imagine the difference we could make if people were to make the same recycling efforts throughout the year, as opposed to in just one week.

Here are 5 key reasons you should move to zero waste.

  • It Can Save You Money

A common myth for people considering a move to zero waste is that it will end up costing an arm and a leg. However, this is not at all the case.

If moving to zero waste is costing your family more than it does to live a life producing unnecessary waste, then something must be going horribly wrong. There are endless ways in which you can save money on a zero waste lifestyle, such as growing your own food, using reusable containers as opposed to disposable ones, and making your own cleaning supplies.

Don’t believe the myths. Be smart and reduce the cost of living by choosing a zero waste life today.

  • You Can Become Healthier

By moving away from un-recyclable plastics that can often be toxic, you can become healthier while also helping the environment. Many people aiming towards a zero waste life also make their own natural products rather than using generic store-bought products. This includes items such as cosmetics, cleaning products, fragrances etc., reducing your exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals. With an alarming number of scientific studies identifying a link between chemical products and disease, natural is the way to go.

  • It’s Easier Than You Think

Moving towards zero waste does require you to make some slight changes in your life. However, it’s important not to think of it as a process which needs to be an all or nothing decision. Taking small steps to reduce your waste will have a substantially positive effect on both the environment and yourself.

Start with some minor changes such as using reusable shopping bags and glass water bottles, before making the change to a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Even understanding where your waste is going and using an environmentally conscious Perth waste removal company such as Instant Waste Management will help you to reach your zero waste goals.

The more people that get involved, the better our world becomes.

  • People Around You Will Embrace It

Bettering the environment isn’t the job of one person, it’s a job for the entire population. By making the move to zero waste, your efforts will inspire those around you – a move to produce real change and results.

An online blogger, Tammy Logan created a the Gippsland Unwrapped blog to track her zero waste efforts. The blog has reached over 350,000 views inspiring people around the world. The blog outlines some great waste reduction initiatives every household can implement. This is just one example of how your efforts can change the lives of people around you for the better.

  • Environmental Benefits

The benefits to the environment of going zero waste can’t be stressed enough. Even the smallest of changes that you make contribute to the longevity, life and healthiness of our planet. Start small and build your way up to reach your zero waste goal.

Reducing the use of plastic bags, bottles and other non-recyclable plastics will also substantially reduce the negative effects on local wildlife. Each non-recyclable product you say no to means one less in landfill – or worse, in our oceans.

Some Final Tips for Going Zero Waste

  • It doesn’t have to be instant – don’t feel bad about taking gradual changes towards zero waste, there’s no rush
  • Avoid fast food – most fast food restaurants use unnecessary packaging that can’t be recycled
  • Use reusable containers – opt to use reusable water bottles and food containers rather than disposable plastic containers
  • Consider your food waste – if you’ve cooked too much food, freeze it or add it to compost
  • Clothes – rather than only purchasing new clothes, consider second-hand clothes from your local op-shop
  • Check out some online home recycling ideas to reduce the amount of your waste going to landfill

For more information on how you can live a zero-waste lifestyle or learn more about Instant Waste Management’s waste recycling efforts, contact us today on (08) 9379 2111.